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European Solidarity Corps

ESC is the European Commission’s project which allows young persons (18-30 years) to become a volunteer in another country for a specified period.

The duration is normally between 2- 12 months and the service activities can be in the field of environment, arts and culture, furthermore it can also be within activities with children, young people or the elderly. In addition it can also involve heritage or sports and leisure activities.

ESC is a great way to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people and it is also a chance to exchange cultures and customs. The ESC Programme is a great opportunity for young people to experience something new and different.

An ESC-project needs three elements to work: the hosting organisation, which is the organisation where the volunteer will be doing the voluntary work, the volunteer themselves and the sending organisation, which helps the volunteer to prepare before leaving the country.

St. Mary’s Youth and Community Centre is both a hosting– and a sending organisation. So therefore we invite all young people to come to the Centre and hear more about the ESC project.

Our current ESC volunteers for 2019 are Idaira De Leon Olivares & Helena Lleo Cabrera from Spain